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About Mary Bell

My name is Mary Bell, but my friends call me “Bebe”. When I finished university I went to work in finance, but always had an eye on cooking. My husband is an F-18 Pilot in the United States Marine Corps, so when we married in 2016, I started a new life that comes with a lot of moving around. This presented me with an opportunity to work for myself and do what I love most – cook! Newlywed pals wanting to show off their new homes, after work get-togethers with friends, and last minute visitors all inspired Orderves. Most people don’t always have the time or energy to pour over cookbooks, shop and prepare canapés before a cocktail party so they end up buying cheese and hummus and carrot sticks – all delicious, but a little lack luster.  With a couple of trays of our appetizers in the freezer you are always party ready and proud of what you’re serving!

The Menu

We will change the menu frequently in order to bring you the freshest, most seasonal canapés.  Our goal is to provide you an array of appetizers such that you always have something new to order to complement the time of year. Inspiration for the menu has really come from eating my way across the world. I was born in Texas, raised in London, educated in Virginia, currently live in California and have spent extended time in Italy – so the menu pulls from my experiences in each place. I love feedback so please write to me about what you liked, or some thoughts on ways to make recipes even better!

 “If Not Me, Then Who?”

In April 2007 Naval Academy graduate Travis Manion was killed by an enemy sniper in Iraq while helping to draw fire away from his wounded teammates. As Travis left for deployment his parting words to his family were “If not me, then who?” – an important reminder to live one’s life with character and put the interests of others before our own. Sadly, three years later Travis’ best friend and college roommate Navy SEAL Brendan Looney died in a helicopter crash in combat in Afghanistan. These best friends are now buried beside each other at Arlington cemetery. If you want to know more about their commitment, devotion, sacrifice and heroism, Manion’s and Looney’s stories are documented in the deeply moving book Brothers Forever.

 The Travis Manion Foundation provides ongoing support for Gold Star Families, the families of our fallen heroes. Additionally they empower these families to develop character in future generations through uniting and strengthening communities, and improving our collective character. This collective character and awareness is Travis’ and Brendan’s legacy. TMF is very important to us here at Orderves, so 5% of all sales will be donated to the foundation to continue their remarkable work. Learn more about the Travis Manion Foundation here: www.travismanion.org